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14" x 20" Template Plastic
Perfect for templates for piecing. Sheet
Grid Marking Template
The stencil is a great helper for marking perfect grids on your quilts from as small as 1/4" and at most any angle.
Infinite Feathers
by Anita Shackelford. A dozen different shapes and sizes to create an almost infinite variety of feathers
Perfect Fans and Shells

Template for drawing and designing clamshell and fans quilting designs.

Mini Perfect Fans & Shells produce 1" shells while the original creates 1 1/2".

$11.50 - $15.95
Place & Trace- 1/2" Basket Weave
This great little tool can be used to create a perfect basket weave for the background of just about any block or border.
Stencil Burner
Hot tip stencil burner for mylar, pellon, and other plastics