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  ** Be sure to stop by the store and visit the classroom- all the class samples for these great classes will be hanging.**



Quiltmaker Series

 Starting this summer we will be offering a four-week abbreviated version of Quilter's Academy 1. Quiltmaker 101 and 102 will be taught using the processes and techniques covered in Quilter's Academy Volume 1. These classes re not to be confused with Quilter's Academy Basics or the Session classes offered by Harriet Hargrave and Carrie Hargrave-Jones.

Completion of these two sets of classes, will give you a great foundation to work through the series of books on your own. Quiltmaker 101 and 102 will not serve as pre-requites for the Quilter's Academy session series.

For those who are on a limited time budget and who want to work through the Quilter's Academy book series on their own with a little support, Quiltmaker 101 and 102 are the perfect set of classes.

Quiltmaker 101

Quiltmaker 101, class one will include a full day workshop exploring color and fabric choices. Students will work through exercises learning about color value, contrast, mixing colors and prints to design a unique quilt.

In class two, students will delve into beginning quilt making. Before sewing together blocks, there's lots tto learn about, i.e. straightening fabric, using rulers, and measuring and cutting accurately to make straight strips. You'll also learn how to achieve that "scant 1/4" seam allowance.

Quiltmaker 102

Quiltmaker 102, (class three) will build on all the skills learned in Quiltmaker 101, but if you have some of these skills mastered, you can jump in right here. Students will be sewing together strips, starching and pressing, learning how to fan seams and cutting accurate segments to assemble the quilt.

In the final class, class four, students will have assembled a small quilt top and will be attaching the borders and preparing it for quilting. The next step is Heirloom Machine Quilting!

Level: Novice/Beginner
Teacher: QM101- Kim

              QM102- Diana
Cost:  $75 for QM 101 for both days
         $75 for QM 102 for both days
$40 for individual classes, please contact the instructors through the store
Class Dates:  QM101 - 1 Saturday, January 28
                     QM101 - 2 Saturday, February 11

                     QM102 - 1 Saturday, February 18

                     QM102 - 2 Saturday, February 25

Class Time:  10am - 3pm


Foundation Piecing 101
Don't be intimidated by Foundation Piecing, aka Paper piecing. Take the  mystery out of this age-old technique. Join Kim and learn the ins and outs of what you've been avoiding for so long! Foundation piecing has many different applications in quilting and garment making. In this four-hour class you will learn to create those perfectly pieced borders and create blocks that can be connected to create small quilts or even large quilts.
Level: Beginner
Teacher: Kim R.
Cost: $40
Class Dates:
Friday, March 10
Class Times: 12pm - 4pm


Quilter's Academy Sampler Quilt

Have you wanted to take the Quilter's Academy series, but can't find the time to commit to the session classes? This class may be for you! Using many of the techniques taught in Volumes 1 & 3 this samples quilt will cover the basics of Quilter's Academy right up and through a basic Featheres Star. While not a replacement for the session classes if you can attend them, this Sampler quilt is a great way to learn from Harriet and the books and get an overview of many of the skills taught in the book series. Choose your favorite color palette of fabrics, this quilt will lend itself to vintage or modern fabrics, and anything in between.
Level:  Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Harriet
Cost:  $40 per class
Class Dates:  Saturdays March 11, 25, April 8, 29, May 13, 27 and June 10
Class Times:  10am - 4pm


Log Cabin Basics

Do you have a love affair with Log Cabin quilts? Carrie does and that has translated to her making a Log Cabin quilt for each of the Quilter's Academy books. In this introductory Log Cabin class you will learn how to construct straight, square and flat blocks quickly and efficiently. In the second class, you will learn a number of different ways to set your newly constructed blocks together and explore all the design potential that this great blocks offers. (From Volume 1 of Quilter's Academy)
Level:  Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Carrie
Cost:  $50
Class Dates:  Tuesdays, March 21 & 28
Class Times:  12pm - 4pm



Dresden Star
Sharp points, curves and machine appliqué will never be easier! Learn techniques and tricks that help make this quilt block and quilt a "can do" project. With your fabric choices and Kim's expert instruction, you will go home with a completed quilt block. We'll go over different sashing, setting triangles and borders to complete your masterpiece at home.

Level:  Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Kim R.

Cost:  $50

Class Dates:  Thursday, April 20

Class Times:  11am - 4pm



No-Fuss Pineapple Log Cabin

Spend an afternoon with us learning how to use this newest ruler from Creative Grids. Created for piecing perfect pineapple blocks, using this ruler takes all the guesswork out of figuring and cutting strips. If you can sew a scant quarter inch seam you can make these blocks. You'll love how easy it is to use and you'll have lots of fun as you create your own masterPIECES.

Level: Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Diana
Cost: $50
Class Dates:
Saturday, April 22
Class Times: 10am - 3pm


Diamond Starburst

60° diamonds are striking designs, and are amazingly easy to construct. This 70" x 75" quilt contains 18 different stars. You will have fun mixing up your fabrics for a variety of stars, or you can make it a simple three-color quilt if you choose. Basic set-in piecing will be covered to construct the quilt top. (From Volume 4 of Quilter's Academy).

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Harriet
Cost: $50
Class Dates: Thursday, May 11
Class Times: 10am - 5pm




Paper-Pieced Mini Pineapple

 Are you interested in paper piecing but have felt a little intimidated by it? Not anymore! Come join us for this four-hour class as we learn to make mini pineapple blocks.  This is a perfect class for beginners and we'll get you started making a wall hanging that you can finish at home.

Level: Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Diana
Cost: $50
Class Dates:
Saturday, May 20
Class Times: 10am - 3pm





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