Store Quilting Classes


 ** Be sure to stop by the store and visit the classroom- all the class samples for these great classes will be hanging.**


Flawless Binding
Learn how easy it is to make and apply basic double folded binding. The binding that you apply to the edges of your quilted quilt tops can make or break the final look of your quilt. Nothing detracts from a quilt more than a sloppy binding or poorly formed binding corners. This class is intended to instruct you on the basics of straight, even binding, identical corners with true miters and connected ends that don't tell where you started and stopped.
Level: Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Harriet
Cost: $30
Class Dates: Friday, January 27
Class Times: 12pm - 4pm


Heirloom Machine Quilting
This two-day workshop offers anyone the opportunity to explore what traditional heirloom style machine quilting is all about and an excellent start to mastering the techniques that make your quilts heirlooms in a fraction of the time of hand quilting, but with the same look. This is the practical, basic class to learn how to machine quilt. Whether you have never quilted before, or have done some quilting but are not happy with the results, you will benefit greatly from this information packed two-day class. Made up of lectures, demos and hands-on practice time, this class gives you plenty of time to grasp the techniques - and you will be quilting feathers by 3pm the second day! Promise!! Please be sure to make arrangements so that you do not have to leave class early.
Level: Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Harriet
Cost: $150
Class Dates: Thursday and Friday, February 2 &a