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A Skill-building Course in Quiltmaking 

This is the ultimate how- to series for beginners! In this series Harriet and Carrie teach piecing and start beginners on the best footing possible for a life-long adventure in the art of quiltmaking. These classes are not just about projects – they are about techniques and personal working styles that will give you a foundation of skills that will allow you to go anywhere you desire with your quilting!

  Based on Harriet & Carrie’s book series Quilter’s Academy.


This is a continuing set of session classes and you must have had the Quilter's Academy Basics class before you sign up for Session I.

You then must have taken and successfully completed Session I before you can take Session II, III or IV. You need to only have taken Session I (passing or not) in order to take Quilter's Academy Machine Quilting (if offered). 

Please note: Depending on the number of students in class and the pace at which the class moves, you may, at times, be released from class early or late. Please make arrangements of class days, so that if class does run late you don't have to rush off and can stay the entire duration- no later than 5pm.

Quilter’s Academy Basics
In this foundation class of the Quilter’s Academy series, you will learn all the essential skills needed to get you through the Quilter’s Academy books and beyond. So, whether you are planning on working through the books on your own or plan to take the Session classes when offered next- this class will get you off on the right foot in all your piecing projects. You will learn how to straighten your fabric, how to press for success, learn or clean up rotary cutting techniques as well as setting up your seam allowance for accuracy.
This course is a pre-requisite for Quilter's Academy Session I. Please only enroll in this class if you are planning on moving on into the Quilter's Academy Volume 1 Session class.
Level: Beginner
Teacher: Carrie

Cost: $50
Class Dates: Friday February 17   OR   Friday March 3
Class Times: 12pm-4pm


Quilter's Academy Volume 1 Session  
Please note: Quilter's Academy Basics class MUST BE TAKEN prior to you being able to sign up for this session. Once you have successfully completed the Basics class you will receive a $25 off coupon that can be applied to your enrollment in the current session of Quilter's Academy Session I.

This class is especially designed for new quilters with a little sewing experience, but experienced quilters are sure to take away tons of new and useful information. In class you will learn to make accurate 4-patches, 9-patches and rail blocks which using your newly found precise seam allowance and pressing techniques. In four weeks you will work through three quilt tops based on strips and squares with increasing difficultly each week, work through the yardage figuring for these quilts, have fun learning to pick fabrics and learn to apply borders, all to start you down a path to becoming a great quilt maker.
Please bring a snack and/or bag lunch, as there will be no break for lunch.
Level: Beginner
Teacher: Harriet
Cost: $160
Class Dates: Friday March 17, 24, 31 and April 7
Class Times: 10am-3pm

Quilter's Academy Volume 3 Session  
Please note: Quilter's Academy Basics, as well as Quilter's Academy Volume 1 & 2 session classes MUST BE TAKEN prior to you being able to sign up for this session.

Triangles are the starting point to endless possibilities for great quilts! There are so many ways to make the various types of triangle units and many of them will be explored in this class. You will learn the most accurate piecing method(s) for you, and then apply those skills to make fabulous quilts. Half-, three-piece and quarter-square triangles as well as flying geese and square-in-a-square units will be covered thoroughly and in class five you will construct a Feathered Star wall hanging.
Please bring a snack and/or bag lunch, as there will be no break for lunch.
Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Harriet
Cost: $150
Class Dates: Tuesday February 7, 14, 21, 28 and March 7
Class Times: 10am-3pm in February and 10am-5pm in March


Quilter's Academy Sampler Quilt

Have you wanted to take the Quilter's Academy series, but can't find the time to commit to the session classes? This class may be for you! Using many of the techniques taught in Volumes 1 & 3 this samples quilt will cover the basics of Quilter's Academy right up and through a basic Featheres Star. While not a replacement for the session classes if you can attend them, this Sampler quilt is a great way to learn from Harriet and the books and get an overview of many of the skills taught in the book series. Choose your favorite color palette of fabrics, this quilt will lend itself to vintage or modern fabrics, and anything in between.
Level:  Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Harriet
Cost:  $40 per class
Class Dates:  Saturdays March 11, 25, April 8, 29, May 13, 27 and June 10
Class Times:  10am - 4pm


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