Store Quilt Project Classes



 ** Be sure to stop by the store and visit the classroom- all the class samples for these great classes will be hanging.**



Nancy  and Harriet both took Karen Styles' class when she was here a year ago November and have completed their Okehampton Quilts.

Come learn how to create this quilt block by hand and machine.

Level: Experienced Beginner

Teacher:  Nancy & Harriet

Cost:  $75

Class Date:  Thursdays, February 23 & March 9
Class Time:  10am - 4pm



Log Cabin Basics

Do you have a love affair with Log Cabin quilts? Carrie does and that has translated to her making a Log Cabin quilt for each of the Quilter's Academy books. In this introductory Log Cabin class you will learn how to construct straight, square and flat blocks quickly and efficiently. In the second class, you will learn a number of different ways to set your newly constructed blocks together and explore all the design potential that this great blocks offers. (From Volume 1 of Quilter's Academy)
Level:  Experienced Beginner
Teacher: Carrie
Cost:  $50
Class Dates:  Tuesdays, March 21 & 28
Class Times:  12pm - 4pm


Rag Quilts

The soft, ruffled edges of a rag quilt make for a perfect, snuggly blanket. T