Quilting Workshops

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The Basics of Heirloom Machine Quilting (2-day workshop)
This two-day workshop offers anyone the opportunity to explore what traditional heirloom style machine quilting is all about, and an excellent start to mastering the techniques that make your quilts heirlooms in a fraction of the time of hand quilting, but with the same look.
This is a practical, basic class for machine quilting. Whether you have never quilted before, or have done some things but are not happy with the results, you will benefit greatly from this workshop.Note – this is not long-arm style quilting or free form quilting. We work on drawn lines and strive for accuracy, not creativity in this class.

The first day focuses on an extensive discussion geared to clearing up problems with workspace, thread selection, preparing the quilt top for quilting among many other topics. Time will be spent in the afternoon working through  problems with ditch and grid quilting. The second day is mainly hands-on experience with the darning (free motion) foot. Emphasis is put on maintaining even stitches and staying on the line, as well as continuous curve, free motion ditch quilting and echo quilting. Students will be quilting a feathered wreath accurately by the end of class. If time permits after sewing, we will discuss quilting larger projects and batting selection.
All skill levels, geared to beginners


Trapunto or Padded Quilting (1-day workshop)
If you want to go to the next step with your machine quilting, nothing puts the WOW into a quilt like Trapunto. You will create a small whole-cloth quilt working with sateen fabric, wool batting and very fine threads. An easy and slick trick for grid quilting will be covered, as well as many useful background designs. You must be able to quilt on a line accurately to enjoy this project.
Kit is required and available from Harriet for your group.
Skill level: Intermediate


Transferring Quilt Designs (1- day workshop)
Are you perplexed by how to get quilt designs onto your quilt top besides using the old standard marking tools? Harriet will walk you through at least 8 different methods of transferring your quilting designs to your quilt without the fuss of marking with stencils. Come enjoy a day of honing your quilting skills and learning different ways to mark your quilt top and get it quilted.
Kit is required and available from Harriet for your group.
Skill level: Intermediate


Quilt as Desired (1- day workshop)
Spend a day with Harriet and your quilt tops deciding what type of quilting would make your quilt top a knock out, but quilted within your skill level. Students bring their quilt tops and quilts to class so that the problems or frustrations they have expereinced can be seen as they are discussed and hopefully solved. Other topics will be covered like batting choices, stencil designs, quilting ideas, marking tools, caring for quilted quilts, and on and on. The topics are only limited to the participants needs. A tremendous amount of ideas and information can be generated in this class. Often we wind up back to the basic grain of the fabric and cutting of strips to identify why a quilt is behaving in a certain manner. The students’ needs and questions direct the class, so that no two workshops are ever the same.
This class is a natural progression for beginning machine quilting students. It directs questions like “how do I quilt it?” and “what do I do next?”.

All Skill Levels



Invisible Machine Appliqué (1-day workshop)
Enjoy learning true, professional techniques for beautiful machine appliqué. Tried and true methods for achieving perfect appliqué by machine are stressed. Invisible machine appliqué techniques will give a hand appliqué appearance, and is Harriet’s instant gratification technique. 6 hour class - 4 hours of Invisible machine appliqué techniques and 2 hours of exploring Curved Piecing a la appliqué.
All skill levels - great for beginners


 Satin & Buttonhole Stitch Appliqué (1-day workshop)
Enjoy learning true, professional techniques for beautiful raw edge machine appliqué. The latest products will be covered, as well as tried and true methods for achieving perfect satin stitch and buttonhole stitch applique by machine. Come and learn the tips and tricks to make your satin stitching beautiful and your blanket stitch/ buttonhole stitch flawless!
All skill levels - great for beginners


Mastering Machine Appliqué (2-day workshop)
Enjoy learning true, professional techniques for beautiful machine appliqué. The latest products will be covered, as well as tried and true methods for achieving perfect appliqué by machine. Mock Hand appliqué techniques will give a hand appliqué appearance, and is Harriet's "instant gratification" technique. Perfect satin stitch is another, flawless blanket stitch and straight edge techniques will also be covered.
All skill levels - great for beginners



Introduction to Quilters Academy (1-day workshop)
This one-day class covers the highlights of what Quilters Academy is about. This is not a project class, but strictly technique oriented. The mysteries of why grainline is critical to precision piecing will be covered, finding your perfect seam allowance, as well as ironing for accuracy. Choosing rotary cutters and mats, rulers, thread choices, and sewing accurately will be the main topics covered. This will be achieved through sewing samples. If time allows, perfect 3” 9-patches (1” grid)  will be constructed.
All skill levels - geared toward beginners


Quilters Academy Volume 1  (2-day workshop)
Join Harriet for two days and upgrade your precision piecing skills.If your group has beginners or intermediate beginners, Quilters Academy 1 is a must do workshop. Why spend years trying to figure out why quilt blocks aren’t always the correct (and same) size? This class covers all the things that are totally overlooked in today’s fast and easy quilt classes. It is based on accuracy and precision, but not in a slow and tedious way. Students will be amazed at how easy it is to have everything fit together perfectly in the end. We will cover how to straighten fabric and iron for accuracy, as well as dispel the myth that ¼” seam allowances are the way to go. Some piecing experience is helpful, but whether you are a beginner or advanced beginner, if your 12" blocks are not perfectly 12" finished, you can really get a lot out of this workshop. 
Students will enjoy the most accurate piecing they have made!

Skill level: Beginners with sewing experience

LeMoyne Stars – Basic 8-pointed stars (1-day workshop)
These 45º stars are the foundation of so many wonderful block designs. Once you understand how they go together and work through the techniques to making them flat, square and accurate, you will find they become one of your favorite stars! You start the class learning how to draft the block, after which you will be making a 12” and a couple of 6” blocks using both templates and rotary cutting methods.
Skill level: Intermediate beginners


Achieving Quality Workmanship (1/2- or 1- day workshop)
This Lecture/No Sew class will focus on how to achieve quality workmanship and precision sewing based on the principles of Quilters Academy. I will illustrate, explain and/or demonstrate my approach for a variety of techniques including how to accurately rotary cut, accurate  seam allowances (not 1/4"),  how to measure and monitor your own work and more. Note-taking supplies and Quilters Academy Volume 1 are all you need. If you are interested in knowing how to improve your piecing skills, this is the class for you! . 
All Skill Levels 


Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Quilter
Harriet covers her top ten ideas that will help you become a better quilter. Topics that are seldom discussed, you will be anxious to try these ideas, and you WILL see the results if you try these ideas. This is a fun, fast-paced and informative lecture, with plenty of time for questions and answers.


The Inside Story- The Tale Batting has to Tell
An in-depth discussion of what is happening to batting in today’s quilt market. Popular brand name products will be discussed and quilts will be shown to evaluate what effect each product has on the look and personality of the finished quilt, as well as their characteristics and longevity. Fiber content will be examined, as well as specific considerations for the amount of quilting needed. This lecture is designed to give quilters lots of options and choices when choosing batting for each top. Harriet will give attendees testing processes to chase away any confusion.


Caring for Today Quiltmaking Fabrics
So much fear is involved with the fabrics that quilter’s use today: bleeding, color migration, shrinkage and fading being among the top concerns. This lecture is geared to helping participants become more comfortable with what is happening with out fabrics today. Dye stability, thread count, pre-washing vs. not, chemicals and detergents and recommended care of fabrics and quilts will be explored. This lecture has received rave reviews and has put confidence and choice making back into the quilter’s hands, as well as saving untold yards of fabric and quilts. Based on Harriet’s book From Fiber to Fabric.


Harriet's Favorites- Trunk Show with Q&A