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 Adds 1/4" seam allowance to any angle and provides a straight edge for your rotary cuter.

Use on table to hold stretched backings when table basting quilt layers together. 14/bag.

Securely hold that last bit of fabric as you stitch 2 layers together


Great for transferring embroidery and quilting designs!


3/4" pins for pinning appliqué curves and points - small white head

Heat resistant heads. (.4mm thick)

 Cut threads on seams or button holes.


Use as an extra finger while feeding fabric through presser foot.


1 3/8" Fine, Sharp Glass Head Pins .50mm Steel Shaft 200/box


 This tool helps select the right colors for a project by determining light and dark values.


Fold-away design (Model U33050)


A necessity!


 Prevent slipping when marking or using rotar cutters.


 .45mm Flat head


Erases Pastel, Charcoal and Graphite


 Thin plastic ruler.

$1.95 - $2.50

 Removes draggy coating.


 1 3/8" Super Fine Sharp .50mm 250/box


 1 1/4" long shaft that is .50mm thick. 240 extra-fine and sharp rustproof pins.


1 1/4" long extra thin pins for piecing and appliqué. 500 pins in blue tin


 Fits normal ironing board. 

Perfect for fabric thread counts or anything requiring accurate small maeasurements.

 Converts any vacuum into a powerful micro vac to clean the smallest area.

Genuine Sheepskin. Perfect for removing lint and dust from sewing machines and sergers.

Fits Big Board and Iron Sew E-Z brand ironing boards. (22" X 60")