> Marking Tools

Chacopel Markers

White, yellow, blue/pink set. Includes sharpener

Clover Water Soluble Marking Pencil

Water soluble pencil is suited for precise fine markings and can be easily wiped off with water.

Clover White Marking Pen

Fine tip- white marker ink disappears with use of steam iron or when washed

General's pastel Chalk Pencil

Fine chalk that will brush off

Miracle Chalk Refill

2.5 oz bag of Miracle chalk for your pounce pad

Miracle Marking Kit

This quilt marking tool kit includes Miracle chalk powder, pounce pad and miracle markers

Nonce marking pencil

Water soluble - for dark fabrics

Pigma Micron Fabric Markers

Permanent and true color reproduction

Quilt Pounce

The ultimate marking tool - great for flannel, pad applicator.

Quilt Pounce Chalk Refill

4 oz bag of chalk for your pounce pad

Sewline .9mm Mechanical Marking Pencil

.9mm ceramic lead- pencil comes with white lead

Sewline .9mm Mechanical Marking Pencil Refill

.9mm ceramic refill for Sewline Mechanical Marking Pencil

Sewline Eraser

Use with Sewline marking pencil to remove marked lines

Sewline Eraser Stick Refills

Refill for the Sewline Eraser Stick

Soapstone Fabric Marker

Marks rub off easily and won't harm fabrics

Soapstone Marker Refills

Soapstone refills - 4 refills per box

Stamp Pad Refill Ink

1.5 ml bottle

Treasure Marker

Comes with both graphite and soapstone to mark both light and dark fabrics with one tool.

Treasure Marker Refills

Graphite refills for Treasure Marker

Ultimate Marking Pencil

.5 mm super thin lead - always sharp, washes out. Includes refill leads

Ultimate Marking Pencil Color Pack

1 each blue, red, yellow mechanical pencils

Ultimate Marking Pencil II

.7 mm thicker lead for a slightly darker line. Always sharp, washes out over time.

Ultimate Marking Pencil Refill Leads

Refill leads for Ultimate Marking Pencil - choose .5mm or .7mm

Vanishing Fabric marker

Purple - air erasable fabric marker

Washable Wonder Marker

Blue felt tip fabric marker