Lazy Days of Summer

Quilt Show & Challenge 2016
August 4, 5 & 6

Thursday and Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

You're invited to submit quilts for display in the show! Ribbons will be awarded for Viewer’s Choice in appliqué, piecework, art design and traditional quilts.

We also invite you to participate in the Quilt Challenge where participants submit a quilt that is Christmas Themed! The quilt can be an original design, or inspired by a traditional or contemporary pattern. Read on for more information.

Lazy Days of Summer Quilt Show Entry

Lazy Days of Summer Quilt Show August 4th, 5th and 6th, 2016
at Harriet’s Treadle Arts

We invite you to submit your quilts for display in our Quilt Show! Bring us your favorite quilt that Grandma made for you, or a quilt that you made and are most proud of. We are looking for unique quilts that will be enjoyed by all of our guests, whether they are fans of traditional or modern designs, bargello, landscape, paper pieced, hand pieced, machine or hand applique, machine or hand quilted. Share your treasures with us, and provide inspiration for your fellow quilters!

How to enter:

Read the quilt requirements and instructions.

Then, stop by or mail in your entry form, a photo of your quilt and the $10 entry fee to:

Harriet’s Treadle Arts- Lazy Days of Summer Quilt Show

6390 W. 44th Ave.

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

By July 21, 2016


Quilt Requirements:

  • Quilt must be at least 18” x 24” and may not exceed 84” in width or length. If upon delivery your quilt is found to be too long to hang, we will ask you to stay and pin up your quilt before it is accepted.

  • All quilts require a 4” wide finished sleeve along the top edge. If, upon delivery we find that you do not have a sleeve or it is too small, you must stay and fix your sleeve before your quilt will be accepted.

  • Panels, pre-printed pieces and unfinished quilts will not be accepted for display.

  • By definition, a quilt is two layers of fabric with a batting in between that is stitched together with lines or a pattern. Quilting must be done by hand or machine. Tied quilts do not meet the definition of a quilt for this event.

  • Quilts must have a fabric label stitched to the back of each quilt, at or near a bottom corner that include the quilt name and the exhibitors name.


  • All quilt must remain on display throughout the duration of the show.

  • Entry forms must be filled out, signed and accompanied by payment of $10 per entry. Each entrant receives a special coupon for the 2015 Lazy Days of Summer Quilt Show and Sale – one coupon per entrant, not per entry.
  • You must submit a color photo no larger than 4” x 6”. Please include the following on the back of the photo:


Entrant’s name
Quilt name
Dimensions of the quilt (in inches)
No staples or tape please


  • A claim check will be issued at the time quilts are delivered to Harriet’s Treadle Arts

  • Insurance is the sole responsibility of the entrant. Harriet’s Treadle Arts assumes no liability for the quilts and cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that a quilt is damaged or lost. Staff and volunteers will be on hand throughout the event. The Quilts will be secured and locked up during the overnight hours.

  • Quilts may be photographed by Harriet’s Treadle Arts or event attendees. Submission of a quilt to the Lazy Days of Summer Quilt Show constituted permission by the quilter/owner for such photographs.

  • Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for Viewer’s Choice in appliqued, pieced, art and traditional quilts.


Lazy Days of Summer Quilt Challenge 2016

Our quilt challenge this year will be fun and exciting for any level quilter! This year's theme is:

 Christmas Bells are Ringing

Heard of Christmas in July... well, we want to showcase Christmas in August! DO you have a Christmas quilt you have been working on, or one that you love to hang in your home each holiday season... Why not share it with all the quilters at Harriet's during the Lazy Days of Summer. It doesn't matter how long ago you made the quilt, just so long as it is Christmas in theme, we want to show it off for you. And you could win a prize... see if your favorite Christmas quilt is everyone else's too! Show us your creativity and your Christmas spirit!


Rules for the challenge:

  • Quilts may be any shape, but no smaller than 12” x 12” and no larger than 48” x 60”.

  • Each quilt must have a finished sleeve of 4” attached to the top back for hanging.

  • An identification label, made of fabric, must be securely sewn to a bottom corner with the same full name and address as it appears on the entry form as well as the title of the entry.

  • Panels, pre-printed pieces and unfinished quilts will not be accepted.
  • By definition, a quilt is a top, batting and a backing that are stitched together with straight lines or a pattern. Quilting must be done by hand or machine. Tied quilts do not meet the definition of a quilt for this challenge.


How to enter:

Quilts must be submitted with an entry form and $10 fee by July 21, 2016.

Please attach a 3x5 color photo of your quilt to your form.

Quilts may be delivered to the store on Friday, July 29th or Saturday, July 30th.

Quilt may be picked up on Monday, August 8th during business hours

The top three viewers choice entries will receive a $25 gift certificate at Harriet’s Treadle Arts!