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3" Square Basic Set

7 Pieces, laser cut accuracy.

The stencil is a great helper for marking perfect grids on your quilts from as small as 1/4" and at most any angle.

Template for drawing and designing clamshell and fans quilting designs.

Mini Perfect Fans & Shells produce 1" shells while the original creates 1 1/2".

$11.50 - $15.95

New idea for background quilting.

$11.50 - $15.95
by Anita Shackelford. A dozen different shapes and sizes to create an almost infinite variety of feathers
Make perfect circles of any size from tiny to 2" round
This great little tool can be used to create a perfect basket weave for the background of just about any block or border.
Hot tip stencil burner for mylar, pellon, and other plastics
Perfect for templates for piecing. Sheet
Use with double bladed knife for quick and easy quilting stencils. 4 ft. roll