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Securely hold that last bit of fabric as you stitch 2 layers together

Perfect for fabric thread counts or anything requiring accurate small maeasurements.
Genuine Sheepskin. Perfect for removing lint and dust from sewing machines and sergers.

 Converts any vacuum into a powerful micro vac to clean the smallest area.


 Softly inflated flexible disc prvents fatigue and reduced pressure on the tailbone.  Helps relieve lower bck pain, strengthens core muscles and improves posture.


Fold-away design (Model U33050)

Harriet's Quilt Soap

Concentrated, extremely safe detergent
for cotton fabric and quilts

$8.00 - $11.50

Locks in color of improperly finished
commercially dyed fabric

$3.50 - $8.50

Removes unbonded dye from hand dyed and commercial fabrics. Great for removing renegade color after laundering a quilt

$3.50 - $7.95

 Safely removes yellow and brown age stains from all washable vintage and antique fabrics.


Gives antique linens a second life